The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Dog Food for English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is a purebred, medium-sized dogs with a relatively thicker body and sizeable facial structure. Having originated from England, this breed was originally used for bullbaiting but is now primarily kept as a family dog.

They have an average height of 35 cm and an average weight of 24kg. Hence, their exceptional wide posture makes them take quick short steps which gives off the illusion that they are sliding on the ground.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Dog Food for English Bulldog
Image by Alain Audet from Pixabay

Bulldogs are well known for their ‘angry’ facial expression but do not let looks deceive your perception as they are very lovable dogs. They are extremely attached to human companionships and adjust well to a sedentary lifestyle, making them a perfect choice for you if you are looking forward to keeping a pet dog for the first time.

Now you might be wondering if life would be easier with a relatively low-maintenance dog, but it is not! Bulldogs’ behavioral patterns are quite predictable, but their heavy attachment to humans can sometimes result in unfriendliness towards other dogs.

Therefore, Bulldogs need to be gently trained from childhood to ensure proper socialization with other dogs. Besides, the Bulldogs require light weather to function properly. In addition, English Bulldogs tend to gain weight faster and become obese quickly because of their low activity levels; hence, routine exercises are needed to ensure that this does not happen.

So, to maintain the optimum body structure of the Bulldog and keep it healthy, certain diet choices are of utmost importance. According to World of Dogz, a Bulldog’s diet must include a high amount of natural protein.

This might seem unusual for comfort-loving dogs as their activity levels are low, yet Bulldogs have a muscular build which would diminish if a proper amount of protein is not given to the dog.

Having said that, your Bulldog does not need an athlete’s diet as only one gram of protein per pound of body weight is enough to ensure a decent muscle structure.

Carbohydrates are another important ingredient that must be included in your Bulldog’s diet. But you need to be cautions as the common allergies of Bulldogs arise from the consumption of carbohydrates. This is a common mistake that many beginner pet owners make while choosing a Bulldog diet.

So, clean carbs are required, which can be found in whole grains and additionally, they also contain essential minerals and vitamins that supplement the nutrition of your dog.

Also, Bulldogs’ fat requirements must also be met, preferably from Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids that usually help with the skin texture of the dogs.

Surprisingly, Bulldogs follow an omnivorous trait that increase the range of food through which their nutrition can be provided. Thus, they have the capability to survive using vegetarian foods even though meat sources are their favorite meal item.

The animal protein from fish and meat includes chicken, pork, salmon, lamb, tuna etc. that can be readily consumed by your dog. Berries, pumpkins, apples, and carrots are the vegetables and fruits can you can give to your Bulldog for proper nutrition.

However, certain foods must be prohibited for your Bulldog, and insufficient knowledge about these foods might be life-threatening. Foods like chocolate, onion, grapes, and yeast in unbaked form are indigestible and can become toxic if consumed. Besides, Bulldogs must also be prohibited from foods with high spice and sugar content.

Hence, keeping in mind the information given above, you can give your Bulldog a combination of both wet and dry food. But individually checking every ingredient can be tiring and time-consuming and with chances of human error, you might pass on some food to your Bulldog that contains a harmful ingredient.

So, if you are feeling confused as to what to feed your dog, then our list of top 10 foods for your Bulldog is exactly what you need to keep your dog healthy and strong in the long run. You can easily buy these products from your nearest pet store or the Amazon website. So, without any further delay, let’s get to it!

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Merrick Texas Beef and Sweet Potato

The top position of our list goes to Merrick Texas Beef and Sweet Potato. It is the one food for your Bulldog that you should not miss out if you have the required budget. Merrick’s dog food will help you to put away one worry of your Bulldog: allergies.

One common ingredient of Bulldog allergies is whole grain. So, this product is composed in such a way that it will contain the benefits of whole grains but excluding the allergens. Its main ingredient includes salmon meal, deboned beef, potatoes, and lamb meal.

Therefore, more than of the composition consists of lean protein, which helps with muscle mass maintenance, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Additionally, it also contains fatty acids like omega 6, extracted from organic sources such as salmon fish and these fats helps to prevent digestive problems as well as improve eye coordination. This product comes in plenty of prices and packages, starting from a 4-lb bag costing $21.98 to a 30-lb bag of $79.98.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Healthy Weight

The #2 position in our list goes to Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula. This product is so delicious that your Bulldog will yearn for more.

Blue Buffalo’s food for Bulldog ensures that correct amount caloriesrie is being given per serving by including all the important ingredients. The primary source of nutrition includes brown rice, deboned chicken, pea fiber, chicken meal, and barley.

It also contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, and protein that will supplement your dog’s bones, teeth, and joints. Additionally, Blue Buffalo also offers Rich LifeSource Bits in each piece of the dog food which contains antioxidants and minerals suggested by experienced veterinarians.

This ensures proper oxidative balance and improves the health of the immune system. The best part is that it can be given to your dog alone or can be mixed with wet food.

The only problem with this product is that it contains grains, making your Bulldog susceptible to allergies. However, the calorie content of grains is low, so there is nothing to worry about. The price ranges from a 5-lb bag of $14.99 to a 34-lb bag of $52.10.

Purina Beyond the Wild Grain-Free Wet Food

Purina Beyond the Wild Grain-Free Wet Food secures the #3 spot in our list. Unlike the other dog foods, its kibbles are softer and thus provide an easy-to-eat meal for dogs with chewing problems.

The unique characteristic of this product is that almost all the ingredients are natural, with high protein composition. The main ingredients include potatoes, beef, liver, beef broth, and chicken.

We can guarantee that your dog bowl will be licked to dry as the juicy meat flavor is loved by almost all the Bulldogs.

Additionally, this product composed of high natural protein, which helps significantly the lean muscle maintenance of your English Bulldog.

The only downside to it is its high price. If you are looking for a food for your Bulldog in a tight budget, then Purina’s dog food might not be for you. However, the quality ingredients make it very worthy of the price and if you would like to give it a shot: it only comes in a 0.8-lb can, costing $21.90.

Taste of the Wild Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Even with the limited amount of ingredients, as the name suggests, Taste of the Wild Limited Ingredient Dog Food ranks #4 in our list by ensuring a nutrition-filled dog food with a lower amount of ingredients.

The limited ingredient offers lower probability of your Bulldog developing any allergies, making it perfectly safe for your Bulldog if there is a history of allergies.

It mainly contains a mixture of chicken meal, water buffalo, peas, lamb meal, and sweet potatoes, while the Angus beef acts as the prime protein source.

This provides the necessary lean protein required to keep a healthy body structure and mass for your dog. Additionally, it keeps your Bulldog allergy-free as it excludes all sorts of grains. Thus, with a simple ‘limited’ edition, you get to enjoy so many benefits!

It does not have any potential drawbacks. The only thing that stops it from reaching the top is the limited number of ingredients included. The product comes in all sorts of prices and packages, starting from a 5-lb bag of $17.99 to a 2 bundle 28-lb bag of $109.98

American Journey Active Life Formula Salmon with Brown Rice

The #5 spot goes to American Joruney’s Active Life Formula Salmon with Brown Rice. This is one of the best dog foods among all the products of American Journey.

The main ingredients include deboned salmon, rice bran, brown rice, Menhaden fish, and peas. This recipe is mainly composed of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids due to the high content of salmon fish.

These fatty acids ensure proper digestion of foods, eye coordination, skin coating, and texture of your Bulldog. Besides, the brown rice provides a high amount of complex carbohydrates, which acts as the main energy source for your Bulldog.

Besides, the salmon fish also acts as a source of lean protein, thus helping in strengthening the joints and muscular structure of the English Bulldog.

However, this product has a relatively high calorie content. Event though that is a good thing for muscles, it can be harmful for your dog’s health if it is less active as it will cause obesity. The price of this product ranges from a 4-lb bag of $11.99 to a 28-lb bag of $49.99.

Wellness Limited Ingredient with Turkey and Sweet Potato

Another limited ingredient product takes the #6 in our list from Wellness. This product is best for your Bulldog if it has a sensitive stomach.

The main source of nutrition in this recipe includes deboned turkey, dried ground potatoes, turkey meals, peas, and potatoes. This provides a high content of probiotics and fibers that helps with the digestive system health.

The omega-3 and 6 fatty acids also help with the maintenance of the skin texture of the Bulldog. Additionally, the high turkey composition allows for a high protein content which supplements the lean muscles needed for your Bulldog to function properly. As this product is also a limited ingredient edition, the chances of your Bulldog catching any allergies is very low.

As with all the limited ingredient products, this product too misses out on so many opportunities and nutrition for which it ranks lower in our list. However, it can be a good choice if you are looking for an economical dog food. The price of this recipe ranges from a 26-lb bag of $79.98 to a 40-lb bag of $109.99

Merrick Power Bites Real Texas

The #7 on our list goes to Merrick Power Bites Real Texas dog food. This is one of those products that provides an all-in-one experience for your dog.

The main ingredients include deboned chicken, potato starch, peas, and potato protein. The unique formula containing deboned meat provides a high protein ingredient that helps with bone and joint development as well as maintain the optimum muscle mass of your Bulldog.

Besides, the natural fruits and vegetables provide essential fibers and probiotics that prevent irritating bowel syndrome in your Bulldog and keep your dog’s digestive system healthy for a long time.

Additionally, the exclusion of all kinds of grains makes it less likely for your Bulldog to catch any allergies. In addition to all these, the soft kibble allows even the Bulldogs with chewing problems to enjoy a delicious and nutritious dog food.

The only minor drawback that this product has is the small package that it comes in. It only comes in a 0.3 lb-pack, costing $6.88.

American Journey Chicken and Sweet Potato

American Journey again takes another position in our list at #8 with its Chicken and Sweet Potato flavored dog food. This recipe of American Journey ensures a high amount of vitamins and minerals that your Bulldog needs.

Although a lot of confusion may arise regarding the connection of sweet potatoes and allergens, we can assure you that this ingredient provides allergen-free, high-quality carbohydrates that acts as the main fuel for your Bulldog’s activity.

Additionally, the sweet potatoes also provide essential micronutrients such as fibers and probiotics that promote a healthy digestive system. Besides, the chicken provides a great deal of lean protein that helps with the maintenance of the Bulldog’s muscle mass.

However, compared to all other foods for Bulldogs, this product is pretty expensive. Although it does contain almost every nutrient, yet compared to other products, its price-to-nutrition ratio seems quite high. The price ranges from a 4-lb bag of $16.99 to a 24-lb bag of $49.99.

Purina SmartBlend Classic Grain-Free

The #9 position on our list goes to Purina SmartBlend Classic Grain-Free dog food. This product specializes in solving two main Bulldog problems: allergies and obesity. Your Bulldog may have contracted allergies several times and it might be difficult for you to maintain the correct calorie level for your Bulldog.

The main ingredients of this recipe include pork lungs, turkey, turkey broth, and chicken. It excludes all kinds of grains from the product, thus making it free from all sorts of allergens and reduces chances of any future allergies.

The recipe also comes in with additional amounts of essential minerals and vitamins to keep your Bulldog’s weight in check overall healthy. The turkey is an excellent source of high protein for your Bulldog, which ensures high muscle mass. Additionally, the fibers and probiotics help to keep the digestive system healthy and prevent any irritating bowel syndrome.

There is no major drawback of this product. However, compared to the top products of our list, this recipe lacks behind in terms of ingredients. There are various packages and prices available: starting from a 13-oz can, case of 12 at $19.93 to a 13-oz can, case of 12, bundle of 2 at $37.86.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula

Last but not least, the #10 position goes to Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula. As the name suggests, this recipe focuses on meeting the nutrition and calorie requirements of your puppy Bulldog.

The main ingredients of this product include water buffalo, pea protein, lamb meal, sweet potatoes, and egg products. The most important aspect that determines your puppy Bulldog’s optimum growth is correct nutrition at early stages of its life and this recipe provides almost every required ingredient.

The pea protein, water buffalo, and the egg products provide the high protein content needed for the early development of lean muscle mass of your Bulldog. The sweet potatoes provide micronutrients and complex carbohydrates that gives your puppy the energy it needs to sustain its daily activities. In addition to all these, the fibers and probiotics ensure a healthy digestive system for your puppy.

The only potential drawback of this product is its limited service to puppies only. The price ranges from a 5-lb bag of $18.99 to a 28-lb bag of $55.99.


All the products listed above have their pros and cons. At the end of the day, it solely depends upon your budget and purpose. Your dog might need a high protein food and so you might ignore the aspects of allergies.

Again, your English Bulldog might be just a puppy in which the #10 product would be better than #1. Also, you might have a tight budget for your Bulldog for which you might not choose to pick the expensive ones.

The ranking on the list is solely based on comparison with each product and you can be sure that no product in this list is bad. Ultimately, you may have to choose whether you want to sacrifice quality for your budget or the other way around.

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