Give Your Dalmatian The Best Of The Best: Top Dog Food Recommendations!

If you are from the 90s, then you are most likely to be familiar with Dalmatian, the dog breed that is famous for Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” movie.

Dalmatians have a silky body consisting of a dark-spotted white coat and have a well-built physique with short hair.

Dalmatian walking on two roads.

However, the spots do not exist from birth; rather, they grow after a few weeks. They usually weigh from 23 to 25 kg with an average height of 48 to 58 cm.

Dalmatians were initially used as carriage dogs or guard dogs, but their friendly and loving behavior makes them suitable as family dogs.

However, early and gentle discipline is required to enhance the dog’s social development, so pet owners are required to have some experience with dogs.

Dalmatians are a highly active and intelligent dog breed. According to Dog Time, besides the dog’s socialization, it requires exercise at least twice a day to prevent it from having any behavioral problems.

On top of that, Dalmatians possess unpredictable traits. The ideal behavior of this breed varies significantly for each dog and so, it requires a specific diet based on its particular characteristics.

Dalmatians are naturally medium to large-sized dogs. So, they do not have any restrictions on the food size, and any large dog biscuit with a medium-calorie diet should be a sound approach.

However, their high activity level demands for a higher energy source, which is met by carbohydrates, especially the ones that has a slow absorption rate into the dog’s body. In order to maintain the dog’s smooth skin texture, it also requires an optimum balance of omega 3 and 6.

However, Dalmatians are more prone to allergies in which 90% of allergens are airborne and 10% are from food sources.

Therefore, careful investigation is required to prevent food allergies, whereas antihistamines work against airborne allergies.

Dalmatians also require intensive mood management because of their unpredictable temperament. Well, specific diet can help in this cause too! A low protein food followed by the omega 3 as mentioned earlier can significantly reduce hyperactivity and anxiety.

You might be wondering why you would feed a low-protein diet to a highly active dog breed. High protein would have helped with other breeds, but the answer lies in the distinct urinary system of Dalmatians.

Unlike other dogs, their urinary system cannot process the uric acid, and it remains in an insoluble form, which becomes crystals and later turns into urinary stones. Thus, the dog must be fed plenty of water and relieved frequently to clear the urinary system.

Also, the diet must have a higher pH of around 6.5-7, which means that foods like eggs, beef, and pork, that have a lower pH must be excluded at all times.

Besides the low protein requirement, they also require a low purine content in their diet and hence chocolates, sardines, and yeasts intake should be kept in check.

The low protein requirement can be met using white fish, carbohydrate, and poultry, which must be balanced with high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables.

So, confusion is inevitable when choosing foods for your dog, especially for Dalmatians that require special dietary care. Luckily for you, we have investigated and listed the top 10 foods for Dalmatian dogs. These products are readily available in your nearest store and also in Amazon and Chewy websites.

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Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dog Food For Dalmatian

The #1 position and the best food for Dalmatians title goes to Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dog food.

One of the key reasons of Hill’s product being on the top is the perfect combination of its specific ingredients.

The primary ingredient is chicken in blended form but with lower protein (20%) and purine content which prevents urinary stones.

Besides, it also contains Omega-6 fatty acids which contribute to cognitive development, eye coordination, and joint rigidity of the Dalmatians.

It also improves the digestion system as the prebiotic fiber in it ensures that no digestive problem takes place. In addition to all these, the antioxidants drastically improve the dog’s immune system.

However, it also contains peas, which are known to have caused heart problems in dogs. But the content is very low so no need to worry about it. The price ranges from a 4-pound bag of $19.49 to a 30-pound pack of $103.43.

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Turkey & Potato Dry Dog Food For Dalmatian

The #2 position in our list goes to Blue Buffalo’s Basic Limited Ingredient Dry Dog food and is one of the best foods for Dalmatians in terms of digestion-friendly foods.

Don’t get confused by the “limited ingredient” label as it provides more utility relative to the amount of ingredients.

The DHA contributes to the physical development of the dog and its fiber and carbohydrate-rich fruits and vegetables like pumpkin and potatoes allow for improved digestion.

Besides, the main low protein ingredient (turkey) provides omega-3 and 6 fatty acids which ensure better skin texture as well as reduce anxiety.

Another great aspect of this product is that it does not contain any added harmful preservatives, which usually deteriorates the quality of the dog food.

Unfortunately, the product is currently unavailable on Amazon’s website but is available in Chewy’s, starting from a 4-pound bag of $20.98 to a 24-pound bag of $60.98.

Royal Canin Nutrition Dalmatian Dry Dog Food For Dalmatian

Our #3 position of the list goes to the premium choice of Royal Canin Nutrition Dalmatian Dry Dog Food. Unlike the other Dalmatian dog foods, Royal Canin has its own custom formula made specially for Dalmatians.

As the dogs are protein sensitive, the product contains a proper mixture of it from eggs and plants. Hence, the purine content is close to zero for these ingredients which prevents any formation of urinary stones.

It also contains almost all the required vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids that supplement your dog with all the nutrients it needs. Besides, with no added preservatives and coloring, Royal Canin’s product is surely the safest dry dog food.

However, the only downside of this Dalmatian dog food is that the price is relatively higher. The only available option of a 30-pound bag costs $85.55, which can be very taxing on economical users.

Merrick Puppy Chicken & Potato Dry Dog Food For Dalmatian

The #4 product on our list is the Merrick Puppy Chicken and Potato Dry Dog Food. Although,

Dalmatians are generally big in size yet this product specializes in young Dalmatians to guarantee better early growth for your dog.

The main ingredient of this product is high-quality and low protein composed of deboned chicken that keeps the puppies’ weights in check and provides them with the high energy needed for their high activity levels.

Additionally, it excludes all kinds of products that are more likely to cause digestion problems such as soy, corn, and wheat, ensuring better nutrition for the puppies. The omega-3 acids present, along with the full exclusion of grains, help with the skin maintenance of the Dalmatians and the chondroitin and glucosamine present helps with the enhancement of joint strength.

However, this flavor is sometimes disliked by some puppies and thus may not be a suitable choice if you are on a tight budget. The price ranges from a 4-pound bag of $21.98 to a 22-pound bag of $64.98.

Nutro Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Nutro’s Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food earns the #5 spot on our list and unlike the previous one, this product is primarily for older Dalmatians.

Similar to our other recommendations, this Dalmatian dog food provides a low protein content of chicken as the main ingredient, accompanied by the usual omega-3 and 6 that support healthy skin as well as strong brain functions for a long time.

With aging, the Dalmatians’ immune systems weaken significantly and so, keeping their health in check can become extremely difficult. Thus, Nutro’s high-quality ingredients, such as the high composition of antioxidants keeps the immune system in good condition. Besides all these, it also contains calcium that promotes strong bones and joints while the fibers improve the digestive system.

Again, this product shares similar, but worse downsides relative to the previous product, which is that some Dalmatians do not like the flavor so much to the extent that they will not eat it at all. Hence, you should be careful about buying this dog food. The price ranges from a 5-pound bag of $14.00 to a 40-pound bag of $82.49

Wellness Complete Health Lamb & Barley Dry Dog Food

Wellness’s Dry Dog food ranks #6 on our list with lamb as its primary ingredient. This dog food contains a diversified breed formula and is surely worth your money. It contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, omega-3 acids, antioxidants, and probiotics that ensure overall skin and health development of your Dalmatian dog.

Thus, these carefully selected premium ingredients provide a solid guarantee that your dog’s digestive system, immunity, and physical development will

remain healthy in the long run. The product is processed excluding any sorts of artificial preservatives, flavors, and GMOs which are usually the cause of deteriorating dog food nutrition.

You can also stop worrying about your active dog’s arthritis problem as the included chondroitin and glucosamine helps keep the problem in check and improves the joint condition of this active dog breed.

However, the purine content of lamb is higher compared to the chicken flavor. Oftentimes certain sellers will argue that the low purine content will not cause any harm.

While it is true, our suggestion to you is to avoid this product if your Dalmatian has been habituated to lower purine content flavors like chicken, offal, and sardines, or has already experienced urinary stones. The price ranges from a 5-pound bag of $21.49 to a 30-pound bag of $66.98.

Purina ONE SmartBlend Chicken & Rice Adult Dry Dog Food

Best known for its satisfying flavor, the Purina ONE SmartBlend Chicken and Rice Adult Dry Dog Food ranks #7 on our list, providing the maximum tolerable amount of protein for the Dalmatian.

Purina’s SmartBlend product is made from a unique formula that focuses more on the vitamins and minerals that meets your dog’s needs.

The prebiotics contained here supports the skin and health development system while the natural glucosamine helps with joint and bone development. Besides,

certain vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A and selenium, Zinc is also present, unlike the other Dalmatian food products. These contribute significantly to the maintenance of the texture and condition of the dog’s coat.

Unfortunately, a few of its downsides diminishes its potential to be at a top position on our list. Firstly, the regular customers are not familiar with this formulation and thus most of them are reluctant to spend their money.

Secondly, the food pieces of this product are relatively larger in size and thus making it difficult for some Dalmatians to chew, while some dogs faced digestion issues. Hence, you should be cautious about this product and if you decide to take a shot: the prices start from an 8-pound bag of $14.98 to a 50-pound bag of $51.98.

Holistic Select Giant Breed Chicken & Oatmeal Dry Dog Food

The #8 position of our list goes to Holistic Select Giant Breed Chicken and Oatmeal Dry Dog Food. The main ingredient includes chicken meals with a lower protein. Most of the ingredient of this product is vegetable-based, which ensures naturally lower purine content.

These vegetables also contain a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids that will surely make great improvements to your dog’s skin and coating. Also, the essential ingredients such as taurine, glucosamine, probiotics, and antioxidants support the joints and digestive system as well as ensure a healthy circulatory system.

Most importantly, Holistic Select has a higher credibility as their products are manufactured in the USA where only the high-quality ingredients are included.

However, its calorie content is significantly higher than most of the Dalmatian dog foods out there and so our suggestion would be to buy this product if and only if your Dalmatian is still highly active.

Also, the high content of the vegetables gives it a lower taste score and so it needs to be supplemented with other wet foods, thus increasing the cost even more. Currently, only one option is available: a 30-pound bag costing $77.99.

Natural Balance Original Ultra Chicken & Barley Formula Dry Dog Food

The #9 spot of our list goes to Natural Balance Original Ultra Chicken and Barley formula Dry Dog Food which includes a special formula that is made specifically for dogs with gluten intolerances.

As the name suggests, it contains high-quality, low-content protein and low purine levels, thus providing the highest benefits possible. It is also filled with numerous important ingredients like oatmeal fibers that enhance nutrients absorption rate and improve the digestion of

your dog. Other ingredients include zinc and manganese which facilitate sound immune and skeletal system and lastly, the EPA and DHA support cognitive growth and development. This product is an overall good nutrient mixture that can be utilized for Dalmatian dogs of any age.

However, just like the previous products, it is very high in calories relative to the other dog foods. Additionally, a major problem with this product is its unavailability most of the time.

Your dog tends to get habituated to a certain dog food and so, we recommend that you use this product only when your dog immediately requires food intake. It comes in many packages, starting from a 4-pound bag worth $25.09 to an 11-pound bag worth $25.98.

Can the Same Dog Food Recommendations Apply to Australian Shepherds and Dalmatians?

When it comes to choosing the best nutrition for australian shepherd dogs and Dalmatians, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Australian Shepherds have specific dietary needs due to their high energy levels and herding instincts. Dalmatians, on the other hand, have a tendency to develop urinary tract issues and require a specialized diet. Therefore, it is important to consult with a veterinarian or a pet nutritionist to find the right dog food recommendations that cater to the unique requirements of each breed.

American Journey Limited Venison & Sweet Potato Dog Food

Last but not least, the #10 position goes to American Journey Limited Venison and Sweet Potato Dog Food. Even though this product contains almost all the essential ingredients needed for your Dalmatian, it ranks at the very bottom because of its limitations of ingredients as well as focusing only on puppies.

The main ingredient and one that is the main reason of attraction for most of the puppies is the deboned venison, a high-quality, rich source of protein. It also contains digestible carbohydrate-rich ingredients like sweet potatoes and peas that act as the main energy source for your Dalmatian pup.

Each piece of American Journey’s Dalmatian dog food is made 100% grain-free, thus diminishing your worries about your pup’s sensitive stomach or itchy skin. Besides, other excluded ingredients are poultry by-products, corn, soy, wheat, and preservatives that tend to reduce the nutrition quality and cause distortion in your dog’s metabolism.

In addition to all these, your dog’s coating and skin are bound to improve as this dog food also contains omega-6 and omega-3 extracted from sunflower oil and flaxseed respectively.

Another common problem with this product is that the flavor is extremely unpopular among some Dalmatian puppies and they refuse to eat it whatsoever. Hence, the appetite of puppies is one of the main reasons for this being on the bottom of our list.

Each and every Dalmatian is different from one another and so they may have their respective choices regarding dog foods. In the end, it depends upon your budget as well as on your dogs’ requirements as you have seen that Dalmatians require a special diet and care at all times.

Our list consists of a ranking system based on our investigation of each product’s merits and demerits and so you have to correctly choose the one based on your Dalmatian’s age, underlying conditions, and appetite while also keeping the availability and your budget in check.

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